VasoScan™ Advantages

• Early detection of arterial wall elasticity and determination of biological   arterial age in less than 5 minutes
• Easy to use, non-operator dependent Software
• Monitors effectiveness of therapeutic intervention
• Monitors arterial wall response to lifestyles
  changes / reduction of cardiovascular risk factors
• Non-invasive - uses a LED/Photodiode finger probe sensor
• FDA cleared
• Lightweight and portable (1.5 lbs)
• User friendly
• Color printout data sheet
• Affordable

VasoScan™ immediately generated report will show:

Heart Rate Variability

• Heart Rate (Average, Highest, Lowest)
• Overall Tone of Autonomic Nervous System
• Balance of Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Tone
• Physical Stress
• Emotional Stress
• Stress Dissolution Ability
• Stress Score


• APG (Accelerated Plethysmograph or 2nd Derivative) Waveform
• DPI (Differential Pulse wave Index)
• Cardiac Constriction Power
• Arterial Elasticity
• Remaining blood volume
• Vessel status
• Wave Type (1-7)
• Biological age of the Arteries

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